Philadelphia Chapter of the Insights Association appreciates each of its members who offer their time and expertise to help with an event. When you volunteer, you have the chance to actively contribute to further the standards and development of the profession by taking part in the activities of the Association. Ways to get involved....

 If interested in any of the below, please contact Angela Wood at angela.wood@babbletype.com.

 Local Chapter

 Membership Committee:

·       Responsible for contacting new members informing them of their Insights Association benefits

·       Contacting current but inactive members to increase overall local chapter participation

·       Contacting inactive past member to increase overall membership

 Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours per month

 Newsletter Committee:

·       Develop & oversee feature articles/sections

·       Write an article for one of the quarterly issues

·       Photographer needed to take pictures during events, assist in editing for publishing to website, social networking sites and newsletter itself

 Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours per month

 Promotions/Social Media Committee:

·       Persons needed to actively post to social networking sights such as Linked-In, Facebook, and Insights Association websites (both National’s and Philadelphia Chapter’s sites) to announce events, news and to “keep the conversation going”.

 Time Commitment: Approximately 1-2 hours per month

 On-sight Registration:

·       Persons needed to work with the treasurer on chapter event attendance lists, create nametags and work registration table at all events.  (It would be beneficial to have more than one person from a company/area to work together just in case if one can’t make it to the event with the name tags the other would.)

 Time Commitment: Approximately 1-2 hours per month

 Also needed for the Joint Chapter Conference

 Speaker Co-Chairs:

1.            TBD

2.            TBD

 Responsibilities include:

 Speaker Selection:

·        Confirming that speakers are available for conference dates

·        Coordinating the 8 speaker time slots

·        Sending the speakers a confirmation letter detailing what we need from them and when we need it by (i.e. including the PRC form, AV requirement form etc – templates to be provided)

·        Submit to National all of the speakers PRC papers and follow up with National to make sure that all/most of our programs get certified.

·        Provide the Promotion chair with the speaker bios and time slot information for the final program

·        Be an extra set of eyes when we are proof reading the final program

·        All speaker travel expense reimbursements to be approved by the co-chairs and the Chapter Board Members

·        Pick out speaker gift and coordinate distributing to the speakers


 Promotions Chair:


 Responsibilities include:

·        Acquiring 2 – 3 bids from print companies to produce out program booklet and other printed promotional materials such as a postcard/ magnet “Save the Date” etc.  (Budget to be approved by the co-chairs)

·        Sending out ALL promotional materials to all PHL and GNY members

·        Be the liaison between the chapters and National to get the websites updates and our ads placed in the appropriate Alerts.

·        Producing the conference program booklet

·        In charge of investigating options and presenting choices for chapter gift to Conference co-chairs

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